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Southport, Maine

jatoba treads, scotia, and handrail; painted poplar stringers and risers

“We were given a photo example of the desired result.  This is one of two circular stairs in the project. Tim Greene of Standfast Works Forge - - did an outstanding job on the iron work.”



Stonington, Maine

Red oak treads; painted poplar stringers, risers, and baluster; African mahogany rail and newels

"Note wall rail which was integrated into the panelling detail as chair rail.  We also custom fabricated the rope twist baluster"

Eric A. Chase Architecture; Stewart Construction – Blue Hill, Maine



Cellar Door Villa - Rockport, Maine

All components in black walnut

"The owners and Phi Home Designs - - provided us with a basic floor plan, a set of design preferences; and challenged us to flesh out a richly detailed victorian staircase. The owners were intrigued with the effect created by mixing varieties of unusual spiral-turned baluster.  When we found a turner to make them, the idea arose of open spiral newels containing (and displaying) wine bottles. The turner was not encouraging on this last point. We found a way to make the newels in-house!  Note the construction photo showing newel parts in process" 

Phi Home Designs - Rockport, Maine


North Windham, Maine

2 spiral stairs (York Spiral) modified to work in unique situation, in red oak

"We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with York Spiral Stair ( of N. Vassalboro, ME.  This is the first of several projects where we modified their product to fit a situation normally calling for a fully custom built stair. The result is a very attractive stair at reduced cost"


Manchester, Maine

Jatoba treads; painted poplar stringers, fascias, and risers w/ decorative brackets; metal baluster; mahogany handrail

"Design details were worked out with the owners based on the architect's original plan.  This configuration emphasizes (and depends on) the graceful flow of the handrail and stair elements.   There are no intermediate newel posts interrupting the continuous rail"

owner contracted


E. Winthrop, Maine

Treads, newels, nosings, and rail in cherry; stringers, risers, and baluster in re-claimed heartpine.

"The cherry and heart pine go very well together.  The baluster spaced more closely than usual looks great in this instance"

owner contracted


Carver Hill Gallery –  Rockport, Maine -

farmhouse stair with balustrade – cherry rail and newels, painted maple baluster, heart pine treads

“another renovation of a "grandfathered" farmhouse stair.  We provided a modified lay-out, within the original footprint, for a more reasonable/consistent tread rise and run. Phi's  carpenters put in the treads/risers, we installed the finished balustrade.”

Phi Home Designs – – Rockport, Maine


Great Diamond Island, Maine

staircase with balcony balustrade; Treads, stringers, risers, newels, rail, and balcony fascia in cherry; painted baluster

"The newels were to suggest the form of lighthouses. Trim or molding elements on the stringer faces were carried across the curved balcony fascia. Photos taken during construction"

TFH Architects; Taggart Construction - – Freeport, Maine


Northport, Maine

staircase replacement; all stair components painted soft maple

“renovation of a grandfathered farmhouse stair;  lay-out modified, within the original footprint, for a more reasonable/consistent tread rise and run.  By unscrewing the newel finial, the stair balustrade can be removed in one unit to allow larger furniture items to be taken up the stairs. The wall rail is removable also.”
   Phi Home Designs – – Rockport, Maine


North Haven Island, Maine

staircase with balcony balustrade; all stair elements except baluster in qtr-sawn white oak.


"high concept design exactingly detailed by the architect.   All work was very tightly integrated with adjoining woodwork.  We were brought in to assist in completion of work started by another shop"


Peter Pennoyer Architects; Bruce Laukka, Inc. – Rockport, Maine


Manchester, Maine

staircase with balcony balustrade; Hard maple treads; painted poplar stringers, risers, and scotia; cherry rail and newels with birds eye maple inlays

"This stair was built for a woodworker friend.   Round rail profile combined with splayed (see comment elsewhere re. "dancing stair") tread/riser lay-out allows for a more graceful, relatively constant pitch of stringer and handrail."

owner contracted


Camden, Maine

staircase with balcony balustrade, handrail, treads, and newels in quarter-sawn white oak; painted risers and stringers

“Architect Chris Glass designed a lovely shingle style home in Camden, Maine.  He provided a 3-D hand-drawing for the lay-out of this stair.  I was also shown a photo of the staircase at Naumkeag, an historic residence in Stockbridge, Massachusetts designed by Stanford White in 1885.  The Naumkeag stair suggested the handrail/newel design on this project.  At least one of the old textbooks on stairbuilding refers to this type of stair with its splayed tread layout as a dancing stair”

Chris Glass, Architect; Cold Mountain Builders, Belfast, Maine


Hallowell, Maine

Stair carcass in ash; painted soft maple baluster; with cherry handrail

“This stair highlights the possibilities available with round profile handrail.  The open stringer and handrail are gently flared in plan.  Handrail with a molded profile is considerably more expensive to make in this wreathed configuration.  With round handrail it is possible accomplish elegant wreathed turns and easements fairly economically without resorting to the elaborate assemblies of level turns and goosenecks that are required when using pre-manufactured stock handrail.”

Conservative Builders, China, Maine


Rockport, Maine

custom handrail, and newel in curly soft maple; painted stock baluster

“The owners (both are artists) had very clear design ideas for this project. They provided a photo of a traditional rail and newel that this balustrade was to be based on. They also did the superb stain and finishing job“

Cold Mountain Builders - Belfast, Maine


Freeport, Maine

elliptical staircase; stair and rail in cherry; painted baluster

“This stair replaced a poorly designed “hexagonal” stair and accommodated some difficult space and structural constraints. ”

Taggart Construction – Freeport, Maine


Scarboro, Maine

stairwork; all components in ash

"The architect/owner re-designed and fully renovated a  small beach-front cottage.  The stairwork was tightly integrated with the interior details"

owner contracted


Cushing, Maine

farmhouse stair; all stair elements in hard maple

“early 19th century style ‘grandfathered’ stair. This replacement was constructed to conceal the routed mortises and the wedges for a finished appearance underneath.   All fasteners, etc. were concealed when completed.  Photos taken during construction.”

Cold Mountain  Builders - Belfast, Maine


Northport, Maine

unsupported, double/split elliptical staircase; heart pine treads; painted poplar risers, baluster and stringers; mahogany newels and handrail

“This home was constructed with the re-claimed timber frame of a Quaker meeting house which had later been used as an axe factory. The owners wanted a design that would give them congenial access to the second floor balconies.  The stair was to be a place where friends might sit and visit during social gatherings. The design inspiration for this stair was a photograph of a circular staircase at the Pleasant Hill Shaker community near Lexington, Kentucky ”

Cold Mountain Builders – Belfast, Maine


White Plains, New York

balustrade; handrail in mahogany, paint-grade baluster and newel in soft maple

"we were contacted via our website.  The owners were unhappy with their old iron and brass rail system.  They had already removed it and were having trouble finding someone to replace it with a custom wood balustrade.  The plan center-line radius of the wreath is 4 1/2".

owner contracted



Bufflehead Cove Inn and B&B –  Kennebunkport,

staircase; stair and handrail in ash with painted newels and baluster. S-shaped plan(turns right, then left)

“The issue here was to create an appealing stair which would utilize the space under the sloped ceiling and avoid any head-room problems.  The owners did not want the more conventional alternative of a pre-fabbed spiral stair.”

owner contracted


Weston, Connecticut

staircase and balcony balustrade; white oak stair with cherry balustrade;  sections of railing mortised into timber framing.

"It was quite a challenge to work out the baluster spacing above and below the intermediate rail, given the building lay-out."

Michael Greenberg Associates -  Westport, CT


Waldoboro, Maine

staircase; reclaimed heart pine treads; fir stringers, baluster, and newels; mahogany handrail

"The rail profile was widened at the terminal and intermediate newels; 4-way beveled forged iron elements were inlaid into the rail over the newels.”

Van Dam and Renner Architects; Cold Mountain Builders – Belfast, Maine



Manhattan townhouse

handrail restoration; new mahogany rail matching existing, fit to iron work by others

"The old iron balustrade between the top floors of this Manhattan town house had been removed. The new owner restored the stair to its original configuration with new iron work. Our work entailed making and installing new wood rail to match the existing.  While the iron was OK, it was quite a challenge to average out some kinks built into the new work.  Photos taken prior to finishing/staining by others”

owner contracted


Manhattan Penthouse

elliptical staircase; white oak treads; painted poplar stringer with paneled brackets; mahogany handrail fit to iron  balustrade

"The photos were taken during construction, and the rail was not yet stained/varnished.  The iron-work was done by French craftsmen who had originally come to NYC to work on the restoration of the Statue of Liberty."

Gordon Merrick, Inc. – Kennebunk, Maine; Lico Contracting, Inc. – Astoria, NY


China, Maine

hybrid spiral stair; double helix spiral integrated with a section of straight stair with 3 treads

"solved a very specific design problem that could not be addressed with a standard spiral design"


Dan Bloomer
Winslow, Maine

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